Sielunmaisema / July 2021 / Helsinki
Sielunmaisema in Finnish means the soul landscape one carries in their heart. The pattern illustrates the iconic scenic view of Koli National park, which is also known as the Finnish national landscape.

The inspiration of this pattern came from a visit to Koli national park in the early August when sunset. Standing on top of the oldest bedrock of Europe, I often try to imagine how time stands still for Ukko. When shades of rose quartz and serenity in the sky reflect to Lake Pielinen and blend into lilac, that is my 'sielunmaisema'.

This pattern later became part of my thesis design collection - Designing for a destination - story telling via patterns. 

If you are interested to read the thesis, click here

If you want to see more details of the project results, check the North Karelia Lookbook

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